Crocheted Fiberglass > 2012

Crocheted fiberglass and polyester resin flower grid wall sculpture by Yvette Kaiser Smith
Unique: 97 in e
Studio shot
Crocheted fiberglass with polyester resin.
98” x 126” x 4”

This group of 96 flowers utilizes a traditional crochet form called Teardrop. Teardrops create 2 panels that come together as 1 unit. 96 plus 1 for the division within the panel equals 97, a prime number which in itself is unique. Although each of the 96 individuals was crocheted to be exactly the same, every aspect of the material and creation process transformed each standardized pattern into an individual uniquely different from the other. Math maps out a seemingly random pattern as it distributes 8 different tones and values of blue according to the first 96 digits of the infinite number e.

Each of the 2 panels were floated on cardboard for shipping and documented individually. This image combines them in Photoshop.

Based on Unique, a smaller work from 2002, as commission for Eaton Corporation, Cleveland, Ohio.