Crocheted Fiberglass > 2008 / 2007

Geometric grid crocheted fiberglass and polyester resin wall sculpture based on the number e by Yvette Kaiser Smith
Identity Sequence e 4
Crocheted fiberglass with polyester resin.
121” x 117” x 8”

Identity Sequence e 4 is based on the beginning sequence of the infinite number e. It is constructed from 323 small units, 17 rows by 19 columns, to look like an enlarged section of a microscopic organic blueprint. Flesh toned units directly articulate each digit. The four molecule sequence of human DNA determined the use of four alternating colors which serve as the space between each flesh toned digit. The small units are joined together to form 9 sections, 3 rows by 3 columns, like a tic tac toe grid.

Photographed by James Prinz…