Crocheted Fiberglass > 2008 / 2007

Geometric architectural grid crocheted fiberglass and polyester resin wall sculpture based on the number pi  by Yvette Kaiser Smith
Identity Sequence RW pi
Digits exhibition
Crocheted fiberglass with polyester resin.
88” x 112” x 6”

This grid is constructed from 429 panels in 11 rows and 19 columns. Thinking about a medical lab, specifically glass tiles and blood samples, I settled on two colors, white and red. The white is really a translucent colorless resin and the red is expressed in multiple shades of red. The two colors are alternated to articulate the digits, for example, the sequence 31415 looks like: 3 red, 1 white, 4 red, 1 white, 5 red. A second pass over the grid articulates the same digits with the 5”x5” wall-parallel panels, alternating floating and recessed, so that 3 panels float, 1 is recessed, 4 float, 1 is recessed, 5 float, and so on. The small panels are joined together to form 4 somewhat equally sized vertical sections.

Documentation from Digits, a 2008 solo exhibition at Alfedena Gallery, photographed by James Prinz…