Crocheted Fiberglass > 2008 / 2007

Geometric architectural crocheted fiberglass and polyester resin  wall sculpture based on Pascal's Triangle by Yvette Kaiser Smith
Identity Sequence Pascal’s Triangle Red
Side view and detail
Crocheted fiberglass with polyester resin.
76” x 204” x 8”

Identity Sequence Pascal’s Triangle Red is based on digits from the first six rows of Pascal's Triangle. Blocks of the same color represent each digit. Two triangles, one inverted, touch at their beginning digit, locking the two halves together. The individual units, which look like little tunnels, are joined end to end, alluding to organic strands while retaining their strong sense of architecture.

This triangle form is reminiscent of a bridge, an architecture I equate with building of civilizations and society. When coupled in a mirror relationship, the two bridge forms create a shape that speaks to an internal architecture or code of some sort of organic entity, a microscopic code enlarged.

Photographed by James Prinz…