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Berliner Liste 2010
Berliner Liste 2010

Documentation from Berliner Liste 2010: Fair for Contemporary Art and Photography, Berlin, Germany berliner-liste.org/ courtesy of ARTexhibitionLink www.artexhibitionlink.com/ Booth 30. Location of the art fair was somewhat caddy corner to Alexanderplatz.

For this event I created 6 new works, for work details go to the Crocheted Fiberglass 2010 pages yvettekaisersmith.com/section/361280_20… Berliner Liste work starts with yvettekaisersmith.com/artwork/3140264_P…

Also in the booth were paintings by Uisuk Byeon uisukbyeon.com/home.html and works by Chris Reilly www.chris-reilly.org/ which included video, video stills, computer generated image prints, and small cardboard models.

Joachim Gies www.joachimgies.de/vita_english.html composer musician whose work is contemporary experimental, very poetic, and went insanely well with the work, played a bit in our booth and also walked around and played.