Crocheted Fiberglass > 2014 UIUC ATLAS Commission

Lifesaver Movement in e, Yvette Kaiser Smith crocheted fiberglass sculpture installation at UIUC Lincoln Hall ATLAS
Lifesaver Movement in e
Crocheted fiberglass with polyester resin.
55 inches x 111 feet x 4 inches

This space has a mixed lighting situation. Overhead is a dropped ceiling with a row of white fluorescents which are always on. The fluorescent lights stay on, but are dimmed. Movement throughout the corridor triggers the lights to get brighter. Meanwhile, facing the art wall, eleven very large west-facing windows span the entire 128 foot length of the space. Windows have blinds that diffuse but not block the natural light. I considered the geometry of light patterns crawling on the wall in late afternoon as I was working out concepts for the artwork. Was hoping for a nice marriage of light-play and fiberglass. Am very pleased with the potential.